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Trope: Editing the Stories
Somewhere Between: Wiktionary ["trope"] and Wikipedia ["Trope"].

Alas, poor Yorick!

"Alas, poor Yorick!"

Oft illusive the Human plight unto itself be known, while jest consumes the untoward steps lead only by intended best.

How many times do I need to read a book before I can write a book. How many times will I watch a movie before I can "make" a movie. How many games do I need to play before I think I can create a game. How many chapters, scenes and levels do I need to live through before all of those can be made as one plot, one idea, one game.

What makes a story captivating? What makes a movie engrossing? What makes a video game enthralling? The story in a book, the plot of a movie, a puzzlement in a game, these are the types of TROPE that I'm concerned with and will be grappling with in this wiki.

 The Road Behind 

Here, in this wiki, trope will become generalized into all of its many idiomatical identities that come into play as it is used to grant understanding of peripheral concepts deriving from other "tropes" formed by the conceptual impressions from yet other expressional peripheries.

Under the Trope tab, Intrinsic Syllogism is one of the menu headers that holds a list of the "Hardest Hitters" in this wiki. Some of the underlying directives of this topic header have me stymied, but that terminology is exactly why they are there. They are not given as definitions, they are concepts that are up for debate. So instead of "Intrinsic Syllogism" I could have written House of Argumentation, but that would have been too obvious and would lead one to think that a solution would be likely.

Probable derivative assumptions that relay a pretense of relational integrity are what the sub topics of Intrinsic Syllogism are there to evoke. Not necessarily truth, but the tangibility of perceptions that draw out pathways to become precursory avenues for later more relevant content that will follow.

 The Road Itself 

Why, you may ask, just why would I need to assume something? Why are things just not set in stone. And that is the point of these Trope inspired topics which lead to AI and State Machines.

 The Road Ahead