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Help Intro:

This is a general, " Where I am at ", help intro as the initial instigator of this site. This wiki may seem to run steep with the learning curve, in concern to what I have done and what I would like to have expressed across this wiki, but it's the type of terrain that I have become accustomed to. To some, this is a molehill, to others it's a mountain, so for any "one" it's all a matter of what ones own perspective is and where one would like to center their focus within this field of game design, development and creation. For me, my attention will focus on the full spectrum, and just a little bit more, for starters, because, "It is my way".

I'll start this help file out with two videos of programs that I had built while attending my University. Yes, these were built on a whim, just because, no reason at all, something to do, beyond the allotted and assigned course work and, at times, in spite of the allotted and assigned course work. As I've said, it's pretty much where I'm at in the realm of what have I done, what can I do, where my roots are and how I have been enabled as I move myself forward from a Game & App Hobbyist towards an Indie Game Creator. I'm not a pro, yet, so enough said. Off to the show!


Learning Symbolic Logic

Acknowledging that Symbolic Logic exists is the first step in incorporating it into Video Game Design & Development, just like the concept of Zero was to Mathematics.


Calc Fx

What happens when you take Mathematics, Trigonometry, Calculus, Economics and of course Computer Science, (Symbolic Logic is in a different video), and then decide that making a program to do it all is sometimes better than doing the homework itself? Don't ponder the thought, too long, click play, watch and learn.